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 Image retouching and manipulation

Before images are burnt to disk they undergo strict quality control checks. This ensures they have the correct colour balance, sharpness &c. In addition, any artefacts which may mar the finished effect, such as graffiti and rubbish are removed without charge, since these cannot be dealt with on site at the time of shooting. Enhancements can be applied such as improving the sky and altering specific colours - the latter at a small extra charge if complex.                                                                           
Customer requested enhancements and retouching

There are situations which dictate quite complex post processing image alteration and improvement, such as the removal of notices, vehicles, street signs, graffiti, and distracting background objects which cannot be removed on site, and therefore outside my control at the time of shooting. I would be pleased to do this on request, but as this is a time consuming operation, there is a charge for this service. As each situation is different, I would be happy to quote for such work on an image by image basis.     

   A dusk shot of an office building. The original image, (left) has a fixed "To Let" notice on the fencing; further distractions such as a parked vehicle and a  street light together, with a disturbing ambient reflection on the far elevation detracted from the scene. At first sight, these items would appear to be relatively easy to remove, but the fencing required replacing to allow a new background to show through and parts of the image required rebuilding in areas where items were retouched away. This is time consuming and precise work and hence it is necessary to quote for this type of manipulation on an individual basis. Image  (right) was after completion of the work.